100% cocoa mass 90g - GLUTEN FREE

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100% cocoa mass, 90g pack.

A selection of the best cocoa.


100% pure cocoa mass. Without sugar sucrose. Without milk. Gluten free. All cocoa and nothing else!

Cioccolateria Veneziana’s cocoa mass is created from a mixture of various types of cocoa with different origins and provenances.

It has a strong antioxidant power, wards off the feeling of appetite, stimulates concentration and the nervous system.

It is recommended to taste it alone or combined with a Barrique Regina Grappa, aged rum or other distillate.

Excellent for those who practice sports, it is a natural and delicious superfood.



INGREDIENTS: 100% cocoa paste


Store in a cool, dry place away from heat sources.

Nutritional values per 100 g

Energy            2512KJ/ 601Kcal

Fat                                54.5g

of which saturated fat   32.8g

Carbohydrates                           5.4g

of which sugars                    0.3g

Fibers                                   18.6g

Protein                                 11.6g

Salt                                    0.02g

When we talk about chocolate bars, we are usually talking about dark chocolate, milk chocolate or white chocolate.

The various types of chocolate have different processes and above all it is not pure cocoa, but rather cocoa with the addition of other ingredients.

In the case of Cioccolateria Veneziana’s 100% pure cocoa mass, we are talking about pure cocoa. Which means that what we are going to taste is indeed cocoa.

Therefore expect a decidedly strong, intense and persistent flavor.

Pure cocoa mass 100% sa di cacao puro al 100% it’s the excellence

We have chosen for you a selection of the best cocoa available to make 100% pure cocoa mass, because we want to give you not so much a simple bar of chocolate, but an intense experience for your taste buds.

Cioccolateria Veneziana’s 100% pure cocoa mass gives its best in dessert preparations or when tasted with traditional Venetian liqueurs.

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