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Cioccolateria Veneziana was born in 1960, thanks to an idea of our father Carlo. Here, in the shore of the old Piave, we create homemade specialties using the best cocoa from Central America, and obviously following the ancient tradition of Venetian chocolate.


Why is chocolate important in Venice

Between 1600 and 1700 the commercial role of Venice is decaying, but the city still represents for Europe one of the capitals of label and good taste.

For this reason, chocolate could not be missing, and Carlo Linneo called it “Theobroma” (food of the gods).

High society frequented the “chocolate houses”, places used for degustation, but also for meetings and debates.

The chocolate produced today, following the original recipe, is the son of that old tradition, result of a pastry that was able to put together the taste of oriental spices and the intense aroma of the Central American cocoa.

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