35% pistachios spread cream

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35 % Pistachios spread cream. 230 gr. package.

Milk free


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35% pistachios spread cream. 230 gr. package.


Perfect for a low sugar diet. Milk free. Optimal spread on bread for breakfast and snacks, for cake recipes and in each moment of the day.

For a better conservation we prepare it in glass jars with aluminum cap. Recommended to do not keep it in the fridge for a room temperature degustation

It contains 45% Sicilian pistachio paste.

Our pistachio is without dyes (chlorophyll) used many times to give a greener coloring.




Ingredients: 45% Sicilian Pistachio paste, sugar, milk powder, rice oil, soy lecithin, salt. May contain other nuts and MILK. It is advisable to keep away from heat sources.

Nutritional values for 100g

energy value 456 kcal

8.7g proteins

carbohydrates 49.8g

total fat 30.6g

saturated fats 4,8g

Food fibers 5.8g

Sodium 0.06g

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Weight 0.250 kg

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