Promo hot chocolate mix: 6 packages of 150g each for the price of 5

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Promo 6 hot chocolate mix

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Promo for the purchase of hot chocolate mix in cup, with pure dark chocolate. Six 150 gr. each package for €25 in place of €30.

You get 6 packages.

How to do hot chocolate with our mix:

Versare il contenuto della confezione di Preparato per cioccolata calda di Cioccolateria Veneziana in un pentolino. Aggregare 300 ml di latte (o acqua se si preferisce). Mescolare fino ad ottenere una crema omogenea. Portare ad ebollizione a fiamma moderata continuando a mescolare. Per aumentare la densità della cioccolata calda, prolungare il tempo di ebollizione.

Pour the content of the Cioccolateria Veneziana’s hot chocolate mix package in a small pot. Add 300 ml of milk (or water if you prefer). Blend until get a homogeneous cream. Bring to boil at moderate flame continuing to blend. To thicken the chocolate, increase the boiling time.





Dark chocolate (cocoa 70% minimum), cocoa paste, sugar, cocoa butter. Emulsifier: soy lecithin, natural flavor. Cocoa powder, organic cane sugar, corn starch. May contain traces of milk and nuts.

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