Promo 6 dark chocolate bars MonOrigine PERU

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Six 100 g. dark chocolate bars MonOrigine Peru.



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Promo for the purchase of six 100 g. dark chocolate bars MonOrigine Peru.

You get 6 packages, you pay 5.


Cocoa: minimum 71%

Cocoa butter: aprox. 40%

Sugar: max. 29%

This chocolate is made with Cru Pachiza cocoa, from the Huallaga Central valley, in the San Martin region, in the central north of Peru. Particularly cared during the processing in the plantation to get a high-quality chocolate.

Taste: articulate aroma that offers big satisfaction in the degustation: amplitude of typical cocoa and chocolate aromas, a marked fresh fruit note, in particular red fruit and honey, a pleasant and determined acidity, more marked than bitterness. A gentle vanilla note characterizes this MonOrigine Peru.

Recommended degustation at 18°/20° C.

Our chocolate is gluten free.




Energy 2401 kJ / 578 kcal

Fats 42g

of which saturated fatty acids 25g

36.3g carbohydrates

of which sugars 28.6g

fibers 9.4g

9.1g proteins

salt 0.25g


cocoa (Peru origin 64%), sugar, cocoa butter, emulsifier: soy lecithin, vanilla extract.

May contain traces of milk and milk-based substances, traces of nuts.

Store in a cool and dry place away from heat sources.

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