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Handmade chocolate easter egg

7.5035.00 IVA inc

Handmade chocolate easter egg.

Chocolate eggs can not be shipped! Only pick up at our store.

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Handmade chocolate easter eggs.

We supply chocolate eggs to pastry and ice cream shops ready to be customized.

We craft both milk and dark chocolate eggs, just wrapped in aluminum foils with an egg cup bottom (to be lately customize and packed).Labeled with ingredients according to law. Available for pastry shops and ice-cream shops.

Available formats:

  • 100 gr
  • 150 gr
  • 250 gr
  • 350 gr
  • 400 gr
  • 500 gr
  • 1 kg
  • 2 kg

Ask for a quotation: Tel. +39 0421 235281
E-mail: negozio@cioccolateriaveneziana.com

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100gr, 150gr, 200gr, 400gr


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