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Classic Chocolate Heart Liquor

13.50 IVA inc

Classic Chocolate Heart Liquor

0,50 lt. Bottle.

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Classic Chocolate Heart Liquor

0,50 lt. Bottle.

Liquorish cram with the intense taste of Venezuelan cocoa.

Remarkable after meal, perfect if you don’t want to exaggerate with alcohol content and you like the delicacy and density of chocolate. Fine ingredient to decorate a cake or an ice cream giving a little sweet and alcoholic note to it. Perfect also in the coffee!

If you want to amaze friends and relatives, CHOCOLATE HEART is an optimal gift idea.

Serve it together with the waffle shot glasses.

Alcohol content Vol 18%




INGREDIENTS: fine cocoa powder, good taste alcohol, water, sugar, EGG YOLKS, MILK, natural flavors
(Gluten free)

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